There are quite a few questions when it comes to playing escape rooms and today we are going to clear out some questions that leans into escape rooms concerns.  

  1. Actual or Virtual 

Escape rooms has been known to be a game that brings people together and ignites the team player in each and everyone in the game. However, not everyone has the same free time and most of the friends we know are just as busy making a living like us. If you are someone who is questioning whether there is a way to have a little recreational activity even when everyone is away, escape rooms are available online.  

Through the digital platform, you are given an opportunity to play with your friends even when some of them are a thousand miles away.  

  1. How much does it cost to enjoy escape rooms online?  

Have you tried going out of your place to enjoy a game of escape with your friends? I’m pretty sure you somehow went for a ride, booked for a place and got some money out to spend for your food while away from home.  

If the things I mentioned does not equate to the word costly, then you should be thinking twice of your financial decisions.  

Having a virtual meetup with your friends or co employees to play escape is none compared to going through the location to do it.  

  1. Location 

Diving into the challenging course of escape rooms can really bring out some fun. Escape rooms are often a part of social events and can be a way to have a great and creative way to indulge in recreational activities that brings a whole experience. Engaging in a game that can involve virtual and physical engagement really brings a different level of gaming experience. 

Events often include this because it is a fun way to enjoy while engaging each person’s ability to think critically.  

However, despite team efforts, everyone’s presence may not always be available thus the physical aspect is not really experienced. One good thing about online escape rooms though is its availability. Everyone’s schedule might not fit the occasion to travel just to be on the location of the game however through the benefit digital platform has brought in this digital age, a team game is still viable.  

  1. Does theme matter?  

Themes in online escape rooms are wide in range. Sometimes, it solely depends with the people you are enjoying the game with. If you are going for something more relaxing, there’s games for that however if you want a more challenging game that often includes a lot of screaming, online escape rooms will not disappoint as well.  

So, if you are looking for a way to have fun while making sure you are still at your comfort zone, online escape rooms offer that advantage. You won’t really be able to feel that you are missing out on the group bond if ever you are playing as a team because with the right amount of speed your internet connection offers, you can definitely have the same fun. Check out for more fun!